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Phone: 0830615425

Gosia Wojciulewicz


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  • Therapeutic / Intuitive Massage Treatment

  • Holistic Massage 

  • Aroma Touch Massage

  • Serenity Massage 

  • Back, neck and shoulder massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Deep Blue Athlete Massage

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Reiki


 My name is Gosia and originally I come from
Poland. I am Wellness Coach, Holistic Therapist, and
Personal Trainer, Yoga & Pilates Teacher.
My journey started with a passion for dance and
body movement. I used to compete and had been
part of different dance projects. When I moved to
Ireland I continue to attend dance classes and
joined a couple of dance shows.

As a personal trainer, nutrition advisor, and fitness
instructor I have worked in leading sports clubs in
the Dublin area and have led many training
programs on a one-to-one basis and have run
teacher training for small groups, seminars, and

workshops in healthy living. I attended several workshops, events, different holistic treatments, and retreats. I could feel and see the changes in my life, so I decided to study more in that area. I found that trough the movement you can bring more awareness to your inner self and heal yourself trough.

I have done Korean Yoga & Qigong training focused on mental health & consciousness. I am
Reiki Master and I also have started Kundalini activation practice, studying more about essential
oils, meditation, relaxation, meridian exercises, and body awareness techniques.

I promote a healthy balanced lifestyle to help people reach their potential, both in a personal and professional capacity. I focus on conscious living and creating a space for people that need support in their process of change. My approach is to inspire people to grow and feel happier. I believe through my committed efforts, passion for life and combined knowledge, I will contribute to a better society by bringing helpful, practical solutions to the way people live.

I love what I do. I am happy I made a choice to go that direction. It gives me a great fulfillment to
see positive changes being made in the lives and health of people.

Daily Rituals

Meditation, energy work & body awareness movements.

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